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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

They are thrilled to adopt their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical props, and enthusiastic, Leos like to bask in the spotlight and observe themselves.  These critters are natural leaders and they like cultivating friendships and romances which are artistically and creatively motivated.  Playful Leos have zero issues leaning into drama-fueled romances which are perfectly suited to the tabloids.  (In actuality, they might even prefer them)  After every Leo frees him or herself as a star.  


Leo is ruled by sunlight, the amazing celestial body which governs energy and life.  The sunlight goes retrograde, and also, Leos are famous because of their stability, dedication, and consistency.  They're devoted friends and fans who put their hearts into each connection.  (Fittingly, the Leo signal modulates the heart)  Lions like to see their mates triumph -- till they are feeling threatened.  They can become diminished by their self, pride, and jealousy once they begin to fear that their star power is going to be eclipsed.  It is necessary for celestial creatures to bear in mind their light is not obscured by other people, and also the bright glow of the others' success does nothing for their very own.  Finally, Leos' very own hubris is the best threat to their own happiness.


This fixed signal is well known for its genius and determination, but most importantly, Leos are renowned because of their outstanding bravery.  In fact, Leo is represented with the"power" card, which reflects the celestial expression of bodily, psychological, and emotional fortitude.  Fearless optimists who refuse to take failure, Leos will locate their deep wells of courage increase as they grow.

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Leo Horoscope this week


Personal life will be extremely important because Venus will be moving into the sign of your sign, and Mars will also be there. This is an important time for your health and personal life. Mars can be aggressive so try to keep your partner calm. Expect to sign new contracts and deals. It is a good time to start a new job or long-distance travel, but it can also be a time for some roadblocks. Minor physical problems may occur and you need to look after your reputation as well as your health.

You may feel detached from your emotions due to the annual solar transit. You will need to be careful with your physical and emotional needs. The Sun is currently moving through Cancer's watery sign. It is a time for silence and a break from your busy life. There will be enough time for meditation and prayer. You can also travel and collaborate with foreign countries. During this phase, please don't allow anyone to make you feel bad.

Mercury is now direct, and this will bring you a lot of hope. This will have a negative impact on your team and long-term projects. You might also attend social events and participate in entertainment programs. It is possible to work with international and young organizations. This is the best time to find like-minded people who will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Although you may be interested in joining a new team or looking for opportunities, this is not the right time. Mercury is still feeling the effects of the slowdown, so it's best to wait.


Leo Horoscope this Month


Your month beforehand, Lie low, escape, consider and plan that month ahead, great times are only coming your way. Romantic, innovative and gaming ideas appear nowadays, but you would be smart to save your energy. This time brings errands and wellness concerns, only moderate ones, it might be a fantastic period for success on the job and in technical matters, but individuals who perpetrate large, lose big also, beware. Stick to regular chores, have them cleaned up, it is going to be easy. This month brings exciting encounters, and excellent folks, do not fight them. The days are rather mysterious too. Protect funds as problem lurks around this month.