How it functions in your chart and how the coming months   affect the activities it signifies. 

Planet Forecast reports

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Jupiter: Career

and Ambition.


Communications and Connections.

 Mars: Drive and Ambition.

 Neptune: Imagination and Spirituality


Pluto: Transformation.

Uranus: Innovation and Insight.

Venus: Love and Values.

Saturn: Discipline and Control

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planets in the houses

All these things generally make up what astrology is. For many people, the role each plays is not apparent, and sometimes the distinctions between them are often blurred. Especially when it comes to aspects and house characteristics, when all of these things are mixed together, it is easy to lose track of what exactly is reflected in a natal chart specifically for a beginner. Therefore, for those who prefer a better distinction between the planets, the signs, and the houses, I will do my best to provide you with this personally. I will explain the function that each planet plays, the function that each sign plays, and the function that each house plays, and the way that can affect our daily lives.

Venus in 12th House
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The 12th house is the last of the houses in the horoscope and signifies all that is hidden from us. This is the hidden collective mind, including that which is cloudy, murky, intimate and foggy. Also, this is the house of isolation and boundlessness in the exact same moment. This is ultimately the house of Pisces, so no wonder it's so difficult to explain. Today -- Venus is largely the planet of love, so where you have your Venus in your chart says a lot about your love life. I'd like to go a little bit into the hidden affairs that are known with this Venus square. First, let me inform you that this is just one of the signs of hidden affairs or adulterous spouses in your chart. In the event you have a strong Capricorn in your chart, then you can really be a faithful partner. On the other hand, it is typical of this position that you may be prone to many clandestine love affairs in your life. You are easily seduced by many women/men. Love events remain behind closed doors so that no one will ever understand them. If you have your Moon in hard aspect to Uranus, Mars, or even one or more of these planets in the 5th house, this increases the impulse to cheat. It is possible to get caught up in this type of affair.

Neptun in 12th House
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Neptune in the 12th house is by far the most sensitive position for Neptune, as this is his natural house of judgment. Neptune thus makes it exceptionally sensitive to the forces working from the subconscious. Neptune contains a deep sensitivity to society here and can be very conducive to sacrifice, suffering, loss and madness. Neptune in the twelfth house gets the ability to invent collective fantasies into works of art. Compassionate and incredibly sensitive to the emotional tones in the air around them, they are obviously "psychic" or have the ability to feel and know a lot about someone without understanding them. This makes them feel vulnerable without protective barriers. Neptune knows no boundaries and a wide variety of images and collective beliefs run. Imagine a faucet running all night and this shows the continuous flow of this creative spirit tapped into by Neptune, but it can also be emblematic of a vast wishing well of everyone's dreams and fantasies and a deep connection to art, poetry and music.

Astrology Houses and Planets
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Here is some very simple information that will help you know Planets Signs and houses. In astrology, the planets signifythe "what" because they express the type of energy. The zodiac signs represent "the way", that is, the way the energy was expressed. I want you to think of the planets less as inanimate things in the sky and more as energy. Think of them as actors on a stage where the play just happens to be life. Consider your surroundings, your loved ones, your pals. How do they deal with each other, what exactly do they say, who talks to whom and , who gets and who doesn't. Thinking like this will make your astrology horoscope appear alive. Every world and zodiac sign has its own mythology. When thinking about astrology, I encourage people to look at character, these cycles of character, imagine the planets... what they look like, think about that