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saturn's characteristics

Saturn is a planet that's joined to the concepts of restriction and limitation.  Even though it might seem gloomy on the outside, Saturn's function in astrology would be to bring structure and meaning to our lives.  The planet Saturn reminds us concerning the constraints of time and matter - it inquires of our dedication, duty, and bounds.  Saturn highlights our need for self-control and limitations, which means this world generates dedication to discipline and responsibility - something we all desire when we wish to be successful in our objectives.


Those under this hint find relaxation in understanding the bounds on earth.


Saturn also represents everything which have background - such as convention, and old age in addition to the lessons that include this.  Teaching is the principal job of the planet; during its own trials, it instructs us how to conquer.  If these classes are researched, people under the influence of the planet can be anticipated to become individual, secure, dependable, persevering, and diligent.  Their capability to concentrate is also radically marked.


Aside from teaching, Saturn is famous for its prosecution it implements.   Saturn will benefit the students who research and perform nicely - and punish those who go awry.

When Saturn is put in an tricky position in the natal chart, folks may get stingy and greedy.   Individuals under the direct impact of the planet are certain to work difficult.

  This world, in most circumstances, can also make strain and anxiety - it's frequently related to depression on account of the self-doubt it may cast.


The effect of Saturn may seem thick and limiting, but this is merely about the surface.   Through beating your trials and tribulations, you'll have the ability to come up with strength, and locate faith on your own.  Suffering is sometimes crucial to conquer your anxieties.                                                      

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