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 Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Like their heavenly soul animal, Taureans love relaxing in serene, bucolic surroundings, surrounded by gentle sounds, soothing scents, and succulent tastes.  Taurus is ruled by Venus, the magical world that governs beauty, love, and cash.


Taurus's Venusian influence makes this ground sign the most sensuous of the zodiac: All these cosmic oxen are enchanting by any bodily manifestation of relaxation and luxury.

Pleasure is a must for epicurean Taureans plus they believe most content when pampered.  (Taurus governs the throat, so neck caresses are particularly irresistible to those bulls.)It is true in their ideal world, Taureans will spend all day washing in a bathtub packed with essential oils.  

At precisely the exact same time, these ground signs know the worth of a buck.


They are challenging, focused, and resilient and they feel secure when putting cash into a savings account. Cosmic oxen are about to return on investment (the bull is also the emblem of Wall Street), and Taureans understand how to play the long game in both pro and amorous pursuits.  Safety is paramount for Taureans and any danger to their equilibrium will make certain to have a bull seeing red.Consequently, Taurus is fixed, an astrological characteristic that reflects Taurus's loyal, loyal character.  Fixed signals are great at keeping systems and Taureans Boost consistency and dependability in every area of their lives.  It has to be mentioned, nevertheless, that Taurus does have a small standing: What a Taurus perceives as commitment is frequently seen by others as stubbornness.  Thus, these bulls might wind up lingering in situations that are unhealthy -- if relationships, tasks, or houses -- more than necessary simply to prove some point.


Despite their intermittent obstinance, nevertheless, Taureans are reliable partners, calming their friends and lovers with their trustworthiness and dedication.


Taurus Horoscope this week

Venus is here, so this week is very important for your family and home. Mars is also present, so you will see mixed results in the areas of home and family. This week will feature real estate deals and travel from home. There will also be solutions and problems at home.

Senior family members may have a bossy attitude, which can cause problems. Venus will cause you to buy high-end items for your home. You will also find creative projects at work. For those in administration and sports, this is a crucial time.

Your siblings and communication will be affected by the annual solar transit. This is an important time to work on communication and media projects.

There are some problems with the neck and shoulder area. It is possible to have minor physical problems due to work. This week is also a good time to teach and train. This week is ideal for those looking to work in the communications and media-related fields. This week, multitasking is a must.

Mercury is now direct, which will have a major impact on your finances. Be prepared for unexpected expenses. They will be there when you least expect them. Mercury is still going through the slow-down phase so please reduce your expenses. It will take time to get out of the retrograde phase. You will find more part-time jobs from then on. Individuals who own their ventures need to be careful. They should not make all the decisions. Cancerians are in a complicated time. It is best to stay low-profile. This will allow you to be more productive.


Taurus Horoscope this Month

Your month beforehand, The concentrate for the month beforehand is always on communications, traveling, siblings and casual buddies, details, errands and paperwork to get Taurus individuals.  In technical areas this isn't a significant time, however it retains some human and moral subjects, as your thoughts, life philosophy and relationships may be affected by what you write and say.  You do not need to worry immediately about the functional, as possessions and earnings confront growing fortune here to the center of the season.  Changes and possibly anger or sorrow about a recent shift arrive today these days.   Along with also the month-end benefits you with understanding of a few of your vision.